World wind Day

I do have a Bike gifted by my Uncle but i use Public Transit to reach my job place. There was a time when i was a strong believer of what was going on in the society. Either Car or a Sport Bike was a style statement and it is a style statement,i mean who would prefer the Public transport when you have a imported Mercedes. But 2 years ago, it totally changed my opinion,i came across a campaign which was carried by local organization that was established in 2001 and their motto was to maintain the balance of Environment in leading cities of India. I did read about them in Newspaper before but it was the first time i met them in personal..

Their Front man gave a speech about reducing the use of non renewable sources of Energy by replacing them with renewable and sustainable sources. and i was agreed to it in less than a second. That was the moment i decide if i’m going to have Either a Petrol/Diseal Car or Bike in Future,i won’t use it until it is necessary. Well if i can’t plant 100 tress by myself, it’s okay then! i will find some other ways to do it.

It is very often for me whenever i am on the move, a long Queue on Petrol station is a regular sight. most of the petrol stations showing a board indicating they don’t have enough Fuel remained.



The big headed guys do talk about how GST will affect the prices of Petrol,Diseal,Kerosene and others.

What hurts the most is no one cares about If we have enough sources of Non renewable Energy or not?

and why Energy conservation is so important?

I was very fascinated by the fact that Elon Musk,the frontier of Tesla motors,Deep in the Nevada hinterlands, under the desert sun,building a $5 billion, 5.8 million square-foot battery plant called “Gigafactory” that will forever change the auto industry.and he is hoping to build these kind of Gigafactories all over the world.




I think people should realize the importance of Energy conservation.They should come up with their own ideas and this is something they should teach their upcoming generations.

Energy conservation is important is because we depend on energy for virtually everything in our lives. Energy doesn’t just make our lives more comfortable, in many ways it’s imperative for our survival.

By the time We need to think about the alternative sources of Energy. The development of which will assist the protection of the Environment.