Love Relished With Ink

Ever felt irritated of everything around you? Ever wanted to just be away from the world and to live just in your own built place of memories?

Ever wanted to lock yourself there and never come back? Ever wanted darkness?
Well, the things you have at present is known as freedom for some wanderering souls.
No, by freedom I don’t mean the permission of doing all the illegal things or freedom from the never ending questions of your parents. Freedom has different meaning for everybody.
For some its FREEDOM, freedom from the cage. Freedom for some is the longing of watching the sunrise, its walking by the sea under the city of stars and it is PEACE, peace of soul. Freedom for some is just a dream, its a wish of breaking out the cage someday and fly, fly high to conquer the mysteries of sky. It is the never…

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World wind Day

I do have a Bike gifted by my Uncle but i use Public Transit to reach my job place. There was a time when i was a strong believer of what was going on in the society. Either Car or a Sport Bike was a style statement and it is a style statement,i mean who would prefer the Public transport when you have a imported Mercedes. But 2 years ago, it totally changed my opinion,i came across a campaign which was carried by local organization that was established in 2001 and their motto was to maintain the balance of Environment in leading cities of India. I did read about them in Newspaper before but it was the first time i met them in personal..

Their Front man gave a speech about reducing the use of non renewable sources of Energy by replacing them with renewable and sustainable sources. and i was agreed to it in less than a second. That was the moment i decide if i’m going to have Either a Petrol/Diseal Car or Bike in Future,i won’t use it until it is necessary. Well if i can’t plant 100 tress by myself, it’s okay then! i will find some other ways to do it.

It is very often for me whenever i am on the move, a long Queue on Petrol station is a regular sight. most of the petrol stations showing a board indicating they don’t have enough Fuel remained.



The big headed guys do talk about how GST will affect the prices of Petrol,Diseal,Kerosene and others.

What hurts the most is no one cares about If we have enough sources of Non renewable Energy or not?

and why Energy conservation is so important?

I was very fascinated by the fact that Elon Musk,the frontier of Tesla motors,Deep in the Nevada hinterlands, under the desert sun,building a $5 billion, 5.8 million square-foot battery plant called “Gigafactory” that will forever change the auto industry.and he is hoping to build these kind of Gigafactories all over the world.




I think people should realize the importance of Energy conservation.They should come up with their own ideas and this is something they should teach their upcoming generations.

Energy conservation is important is because we depend on energy for virtually everything in our lives. Energy doesn’t just make our lives more comfortable, in many ways it’s imperative for our survival.

By the time We need to think about the alternative sources of Energy. The development of which will assist the protection of the Environment.


Happy Mother’s day


Never heard of a Mother going on off duty whether she’s sick,not feeling well.she’s always been there
Whenever her child needs her.i would admit my Mother had been my bestest friend of all time,even today i can’t pass a single day without talking to her on phone.
Whenever i’m disturbed,i need my Mother.that’s it.


Think of the times when you were unable to get on your feet,she was right beside you to feed you,to take care of you,you can’t count for how many times she ran behind you carrying a plate of food.take care of your mother when she will be unable to get on her feet.

My mother is getting older,she has turned 49 by the time,sometimes it gives me a nostalgic feeling  watching her getting older,sometimes when i miss my mother,i ran back to home,i used to sit beside her watching her face without uttering a word,wondering how time passes with such pace.

A mother’s smile when her child cries for the first time and her tears when  child fulfills her dream are the only best paradoxes in my opinion.
If Mass,Length,time and Space is how you define a substance then how would you define a Mother having so many dimensions?


Frozen dreams…..

Standing Under Garlic Plant….
Discrete face
Gastrointestinal Stain
The basket in the hand …
I came near
Around the scam scandal
What should be lost?
That’s right
Look at it
My eyes
Too many moves
Running legs
What are you looking for …?
I asked
Her answer …
Frozen dreams!


"Follow Your Dreams"

Simply the Beauty of Life…..

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it..While reacting or understanding a particular situation we don’t even enjoy it,there are very few people i know who can admit that they live their Lives to the fullest..
Life is very short,very short indeed even though you live for thousand years,You would always say “what if you had one more chance to do it all over again,You can’t even count for how many times You were beaten by your Father for teasing neighbors,those childhood prank had always been disaster for typical Indian parents,the Gully cricket fun,the moment when you saw her for the first time,for the times you teased her brother and Father intentionally on Holi,when you bunked the classes and escaped for a movie with your friends”..There are so many things i could recall and say “What if..???

This is a rare truth that everyone should admit about Life that it consists of very small moments some of those matters a lot and some of them don’t.. and while chasing those unnecessary moments we leave the beautiful moments behind.
and sometimes we lose our loved one’s,one can’t simply figure out the mystery behind everything that Life brings.We don’t always end up with the people we thought we would.
God always makes room for something new by replacing the old one’s the one that are close to the heart,and sometimes i wonder how he does it with so much precision and accuracy,He always knows what is right for us..

Some memories fade with time and some of them live by our side somewhere deep down either inside the Heart or Mind without paying rents.
And in the end We be like
“Somethings we Don’t talk about
Rather do without
And just  hold a smile”






Afternoon! Awake! Arise yourself! The room, the regret doesn’t help Here nor there, no plan to believe He who expects does not achieve Tired of wait, behind & approving (Still) watching the queue moving Don’t fall asleep, try to observe it Victory; only to he who deserve it Steady! Go! ‘just ignore’ the [yield] So […]

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Love will Remember…!!!

“I have always wondered if we will remain together, even after death,” she said, looking in his eyes, holding his hand.
“Yes and why not? You think anyone can separate you from me?”

he sat beside the hospital bed she was lying on, “I am old and weak. But my heart is strong, you see. I can take anyone down who tries to take you away from me!”
“But I do fear, that I will lose you. That I will never get to see you again. I am scared of falling in that deep abyss from where I will never return.” Her soft and wrinkled hands grabbed his hand tighter than ever. A shining bead of sacred tear fell from her alluring eyes.
“But you won’t lose me, ever” He held her hand and pulled it close to his heart.”I will always stay by your side, even in that dark abyss that you fear. I will never let you go.”
“But this disease and the limit of my life will defeat you. You’ll have to let me go.”

She paused and tears rolled down her cheeks.
“If my love is true, and there’s god, I won’t ever need to let you go.” said the old man, as he stood up to leave the operation room.
He left the room praying to god, but he certainly wasn’t wishing for her recovery.

The moment she took her last breath, his wish was fulfilled. God heard him.
They both departed from the world, together, holding their hands.



“We are together,” the woman, now in wedding gown was walking with her husband hand in hand, towards the gates of heaven.

“Yes, my dear. Even God believes that if the love is sacred and pure, death isn’t an end.

When souls are connected together, they surely meet again, let it be on earth, or in heavens”

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Another day without your smile,

Another Day just passes by,,

Now i know how much it means

For you to stay right here with me
The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger
But it hurts so bad i can’t take it any longer

I want to grow old with you
I want to die lying in your arms
I want to grow old with you
I want to be looking in your eyes
I want to be there for you, sharing everything you do

I want to grow old with you….